Air Support

Her Codename is Hound and her Callsign is AG-02.

She is part of the Autoluna Airborne Division faction.


PVE Rating


Tactical Skill

Tactical Point Consumption: 8

Tactical Point Consumption per round: 3

Can only be used when tactical points are full. Consumes some tactical points, does not occupy the current action round when entering the field, and grants unchanging Attack Buff and Critical Strike Buff for all allies while in the field.

Every 4 rounds, some tactical points are consumed to conduct a support attack. When the tactical points are not enough to support the next support attack, the air support will automatically leave the battlefield.

Air support can manually withdraw from the battlefield.

She's widely considered the best Support in the game because of the buffs she provides to the whole team. Use her all the time.

Rela Pros

- ATK and CRIT Boost are great and help the team a lot.

Rela Cons

- None.