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What collab event will Global receive?

Published 27 August 2022

It seems that the Frame Arms Girl collab isn't confirmed and it's possible we will get Madoka collab instead.

First of all, we would like to apologize for our previous blog post, where we wrote that in September Global will receive the Frame Arms Girl collab event. In the roadmap we received from bilibili the collab event was marked as mystery collab and we assumed it must be Frame Arms Girl collab, because the alternative (Madoka) makes no sense at all.

Still, yesterday the official roadmap was released (linked here), and while the collab event is still marked as a 'secret collab', the silhouette used in the section hints at Alice - and in the Madoka collab, she fulfills a pivotal role.

Why were we so sure we will get Frame Arms Girl collab and didn't consider Madoka at all?
  • so far the Global schedule is nearly identical to the TW server - there, 2 months after Ryza collab they received the Frame Arms Girl one,

  • Madoka is a very recent collab that so far only was released in CN (the original region) and JPN,

  • in both of those regions the collab wasn't well received - not only does it feature 6 new characters (4 from banners, 1 available for points you get from pulling on said banners, 1 welfare), some of them are meta-breaking, and also the collab still only lasts for 3 weeks,

    • Frame Arms Girl collab only comes with 3 characters for comparison - same as Ryza.

  • the Global schedule is already 'rushing' - not only we just had a collab, but also our events are overlapping which means that new characters are released more often and it's hard for F2P players to save enough currency,

  • Jessie was just released and she's a meta tank that dominated the CN and JPN PVP scene until Madoka collab came. So releasing Jessie and her counter two weeks later looks really bad, to say the least.

Still, as we wrote earlier, nothing is 100% certain yet and maybe we're just reading too much into the image used in the official roadmap.

In any case, while we have Frame Arms Girls collab guides and tips ready, for Madoka we have nothing. The next few days we will spend preparing a guide for Madoka collab, but it won't be as detailed as the Ryza one simply because it takes a lot of time to investigate and compile the information. We can say one thing for now - Madoka Kaname is a must-pull because she basically broke the PVP meta in CN and in Global we predict it will be the same.

To summarize, if the Madoka collab really will be released in September, we are certain it will be a huge mistake on the publisher side - while for sure it will make them more money since Frame Arms Girl isn't that popular in NA and Europe, it will be a short-term gain that will make a lot of F2P players and even spenders quit the game.

This well-known meme shows exactly how we feel.