Website update - new guides and ads

Published 17 June 2022

The last few days were busy and we've managed to add a few new guides to the website.

New guides

A lot of you requested various guides you wanted to see on the website, and we've managed to add the three most requested ones:

We're hoping you will have an easier time with this, farming gear and deciding if a piece is worth keeping or should be trashed instead.

There are a lot more guides coming soon, and we're doing everything we can to add them to the website! For now, you can check out TimaeuSS youtube channel, as the man is adding video after video, talking about topics requested by you.

New ratings

We've added separate ratings for characters that will receive Unique Equipment in the future. This should help you understand the impact of some of those UE that are available in other regions. To check the new ratings, visit a character's profile and scroll to the UE section.


As you may have noticed, all the ad placeholder sections that were added all over the site have ads inside them now. We've been waiting for nearly two weeks to get approved for the Google Adsense program, and we finally got the green light.

We know most of you hate ads and trust me, we hate them too, but ads allow us to keep the website online and provide more content for you. Since the global launch, the website has been bombarded by players, and we have reached 500k page views per day!

We've burned through the entire free tier on AWS in around 16 hours and now have to pay for the bandwidth used.

We will be displaying only a handful of in-content ads and one anchor ad. There won't be any annoying video ads that start playing the moment you open the website. So if you're using adblockers, please consider whitelisting us!


If you have any feedback about the site or want to request a feature, please leave your ideas in the comments or contact us directly on Discord. We're present on both the official and unofficial ones.