Ultimate Arena Update + new UE released

Published 22 July 2022

This week's website update brings the Ultimate Arena guide and a new section on our Tier List. Also details about two new UE - for Hokutou and Ghost.

Ultimate Arena guide

This new game mode should be released next week on the Global server and to make it easier for you, we prepared a guide for it. It's split into three parts:

  • Ultimate Arena Overview - explains what the mode is about, how the scoring works and provides you with a few tips and tricks,

  • Ultimate Arena Rewards - list of rewards that can be earned in that mode - including top-tier frames!

  • Ultimate Arena Red Boss - a guide for the Red Boss that will be the first one to be released on the Global server. You will find the boss skills here and also sample teams.

Guides for the Blue and Green versions of the boss will be added soon!

Ratings and Tier List updates

We've added ratings for all characters released on Global that show how good they are in Ultimate Arena against the Red Boss.

Also, the Tier List received a new category - UA Red Raid Boss, so you can easily see who shines in this new mode against the Red Boss. To change the current tier list category, use the small dropdown on the right side of the page (marked with a red arrow on the image below).

New Unique Equipment

Two characters received their Unique Equipment on the CN server: Ghost and Hokutou.

While the Ghost's one makes her a bit stronger, Hokutou UE combined with the Madoka event meta shift turns her from a bottom feeder into a meta PVP character.

You can find the details of their UE on their profiles.