Tier list updates - Green and Blue categories added

Published 27 July 2022

The next Ultimate Arena season will launch soon and we've prepared guides and tier list updates for you!

Ultimate Arena guide - Blue and Green Boss

We have prepared two new guides that explain the mechanics of the bosses that will appear in the Ultimate Arena after the current season ends:

Ratings and Tier List updates

We've also added ratings for all characters released on Global that show how good they are in Ultimate Arena against the Green and Blue Bosses.

Also, the Tier List received two new categories - UA Green Raid Boss and UA Blue Raid Boss, so you can easily see who shines in this new mode against those coming soon bosses.

To change the current tier list category, use the small dropdown on the right side of the page (marked with a red arrow on the image below).

We also added Boss ratings for all three bosses to characters to be released this month, so Lewisia, Darkdeep, Jessie, and Pavonis. Hope this helps you in deciding whether to pull or skip them.

There's also a new tier category in Tier List - SSS - as soon some SSS tier characters might be added to the Global version.