Three days left till Global release - website update

Published 11 June 2022

The Artery Gear Global Server launches in just 3 days! Check out what we have to share about the current state of our website.

While we're not entirely sure about timezone launchtimes just yet, we know it will be sometime on June 14th. Let's talk preparations for the upcoming release.


The team has worked tirelessly and added a ton of content to our website over the past week, and we're happy to announce that all units that will be available within the game on launch day are now available on the website as well. You can check their reviews, ratings, and tips on how to build them within their character profiles.

We've also added most of the units that will be released to Global sometime later, which you can display via a slider, in case you want to check out what awaits us in the future.

Tier List

The Tier List is practically finished at this point, with each character being separately rated for both PVE and PVP. You can choose between the two via a dropdown menu to display whichever you're most interested in.

We're still working on finishing the Raid ratings, so make sure to check back in soon!


The guide section has seen a lot of changes and updates over the past few days. The Newbie Zone now contains 8 guides that will help every new player start out strong for the global launch of Artery Gear.

The guides include:

And many more!

What's more to come?

We plan to add a few more guides (support guide, banner guide, buff/debuff glossary) and add the remaining support units, followed by fixing any remaining typos or inconsistencies across the entire website.