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September roadmap revealed!

Published 18 August 2022

The roadmap for next month arrived earlier this time and there is a lot of interesting things inside!

First of all, we would like to thank bilibili for giving us early access to the roadmap so we could analyze it and then share it with our community!

Events coming in September

Below you can find a list of events that will be released this month and characters that come with them.

Main story expansion - Chapter 9

The next chapter of the main story will be added in early September and with it, Lobelia banner will be released!

Lobelia is a PVE monster that brings tons of debuffs to the battle and shines especially in Raids. Check her review and ratings here.

New event - Encounter At Anartopia

The first event in September will introduce Knud, a Red Assault that's built around punishing enemies using counter-attacks. While this makes her pretty decent in PVE, in PVP you have to be careful because it can backfire. Check her review and ratings here.

New collab - Frame Arms Girl or Madoka?

Our initial assumption that the mystery collab that will come this month will be with Frame Arms could possibly be wrong - the official roadmap image has been released and it hints a Madoka collab coming instead.

Still, nothing is 100% confirmed yet, so we will have to wait for the patch notes - we're sorry for our mistake.

New skins

Summer skins will be released this month! We're not exactly sure which characters will get them as in CN there were two summer events already - so we will have to wait for the final list. But here are our predictions:

  • Nemophila,

  • Maika,

  • Hearin,

  • Chitose,

  • Tony.

Next union pass

Chihaya's summer skin will be featured in the next Union Pass.

New Unique Equipment

Teufel and Quinn will receive their UE this month.

Guild Wars

The recently released Guild Wars mode will be playtested in September in Global! If you ever played a game called Marvel Strike Force, it's really similar - basically, both guilds set up defending teams in various ships before the war. Then, once it starts, the first side to destroy every ship from the opposing guild, wins.

More details about the mode will be revealed soon!

Other updates

  • More levels will be added to the Cat Orb Battle,

  • Supressions of the Dark Zone - 6th layer will be added.