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Pre-download is live. Global launch less than 24 hours away!

Published 13 June 2022

We've received official confirmation that the Artery Gear Global launch is just hours away.

Here are the download links on both stores:

If you plan on rerolling, playing on PC, or both, we can recommend the LDPlayer PC emulator. By using our attached affiliate link and playing Artery Gear, you're directly supporting our team and the website. 

We've found that the game doesn't work quite as well on 64-bit emulators as on 32-bit ones, so we recommend the latter. Make sure to check which version you're using if you keep running into crash issues during patching.

While the game is already up for pre-load, the Servers won't be opening until tomorrow. The exact Server launch is June 14th 2022, 05:00 UTC+2

Here's a countdown timer for ease of use.

In the meantime, feel free to check out our new Guides and tierlist which will help you prepare for the game! We recommend the Reroll Guide if you're interested in pulling for the best possible start.

See you on Tuesday!