Global Region

New guides and banner schedule updates

Published 03 July 2022

Some of our guides have been updated to better reflect the state of the Global server. Check more info in the post!


With the recent release of the Ginga Elite banner, our initial assumptions that the Global server would follow the JPN schedule were proven wrong. On the bright side the banner schedule matches the one on the recently added TW server. At least for now.

This is why we've updated our upcoming banners guide to follow the TW server instead. Be aware that the server is pretty fresh as it was released roughly 2 months before Global, so our 'prophet' powers are limited.

Whether the Global server will keep following the TW one, we can't be 100% certain, but if we do, this should help you plan ahead and save for whatever banner you end up choosing to spend your pulls on.

Upcoming Atelier Ryza Collab guide

If Global continues to follow the TW server timeline, the next event should be the Atelier Ryza collab. We're currently finalizing a massive, 25+ page long guide for the event.

New guide - Flat vs %

We've added a Flat vs. % stats on gear guide to the website. Thanks to Kitoen#8140, who created it with tons of data. You will have an easier time deciding whether your characters should use gear with flat or percentage substats with this handy spreadsheet.

Gear Calculator

Soon we will be able to show you something we've been working on for the last week - an on-site gear calculator. You can see a sneak peek of it above, but be aware that's not the final design as we're still tweaking things.