CN Region

New character released in CN - Mega Armor Mel!

Published 30 August 2022

The next chapter of the Main Story was released today in the CN region and with it, a new character was added to the game - Mega Armor Mel!

New Character - Mega Armor Mel

Here's Mel in all her glory:

She's a Blue Assault-type character who uses a follow-up attack on an ally turn and advances her whole team's action bar.

Here is her skill set:

S1 - Giant Dragon Cannon

Deal 116.6% damage to a single enemy target and advance your own action bar by 8%. If you have Gospel buff, gain a Barrier equal to 25% attack for 1 round.

Gospel buff gives Mel +20% HIT.

S2 - Empowered Burst Cannon - Passive

When an ally other than yourself uses an AoE attack, additionally use [Empowered Burst Cannon]. Can be triggered once every 2 rounds.

Empowered Burst Cannon: Deal 53% damage to all enemy targets, advance all allies action bar by 10% and gain Gospel for 2 rounds.

S3 - Heavy Gospel Cannon - 5 turns cooldown

Deal 84.8% damage to all enemy targets and deal 180% increased damage to the target with the highest attack. When attacking less than 4 targets, increase damage by 30% for each 1 decrease in targets. If you have Gospel buff, increases damage by 1.2x.

If you want to check her skill with all the important things colored, please go to her profile - Mega Armor Mel Profile.