CN Region

New character released in CN - Ayame!

Published 16 August 2022

The Seventh Rashomon event was released today in the CN region and with it, a new character was added to the game - Ayame! Also, 2 new UE were added!

New Character - Ayame

Here's Ayame in all her glory:

She's a Red Balance-type character who can steal buffs from enemies and increase her own damage based on the number of buffs on her.

Here is her skill set:

S1 - A Chaotic Mess

Deal 106% damage to a single enemy target and restore health based on 40% of damage dealt. If she has a buff, repel 10% of the enemy's action bar.

S2 - Endowment

Whenever an enemy uses a non-attack skill, cleanse self of 2 debuffs then use [Endowment]. Can only be used once per 3 rounds. [Endowment]: Prioritizes attacking the enemy with the highest attack and steal 2 of their buffs, deal 169.9% damage to a single enemy target and advance own action bar by 20%. Ignores damage sharing effects.

S3 - Expel Evil and Purge Justice

Deal 53% attack + 265 * the number of buffs on self, damage to all enemy targets, with a 75% chance to cause Buff Block and Anti-Heal for 2 rounds.

If you want to check her skill with all the important things colored, please go to her profile - Ayame Profile.

New Unique Equipment

Suriel and Hound Rela received their UE with today's update. You can check the details of their UE and how their ratings have been affected by them on their profiles, but here's a sneak peek:


  • Gain passive: When attacking with basic skill, 75% chance to dispel 1 buff.

  • Gain effect: When using [Grim Reaper] to kill a target, cause Core Break.

  • Enhance Grim Reaper: Damage bonus per burn increases from 15% to 30%.

Hound Rela

  • Gain Passive: After using [The King's Crystal Sword], gain Penetration buff for 2 rounds.

  • Skill Enhancement: Whenever [The King's Crystal Sword] kills a target, deal 84.8% additional damage to all enemies that penetrates 70% of their defense.

  • Gain Passive: Increase the counterattack, dual attack and supporting attack damage by 20%.