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Madoka Collab confirmed for Global, but there is hope!

Published 03 September 2022

While sadly the Madoka collab is confirmed for Global, the developers promised to make some changes to help the players. Also, Madoka collab guides are done!

Madoka Collab changes

The information is compiled from a video made by Timaeus, so check it out!

Here is what the publisher promised to introduce to make the players' life easier during the upcoming collab:

  • maxing the collab characters' skills and Unique Equipment will be possible for Free to Play players - and not just one character, but every collab character (if you will be able to pull it that is),

    • the change will also be applied to future collabs,

  • a free daily 10-pull event (no idea how long it will last),

  • exclusive login event that gives around 30 pull tickets.

If this will be enough for F2P players to enjoy the Collab, we will have to see, but it's a step in the right direction.

Madoka Collab guides

We've finished our guides for the collab!

You can find them on the Guides page.

Other changes coming to the game

  • previous banner characters will be available on the new banners, so you will be able to get Shura, Cream, and Nina (initially - more characters will be added later) from other banners, not just the general pool,

  • previous banner characters will be added to exchange,

  • a returnee event is in the works that will give a lot of free stuff.