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Madoka collab coming to CN and JPN regions!

Published 21 June 2022

The third collab for the game has just been announced! Check the details inside the post.

Artery Gear has already had two collabs. One with Atelier Ryza and the second one with Frame Arms Girl. Both of the collabs introduced very strong characters to the game and were pretty popular in other regions.

Today, the official JPN Twitter for Artery Gear announced that both the JPN and CN versions of the game would receive a new collab - this time with Magical Girl Madoka.

Simultaneous release on two servers is rarely seen, and there's a chance that instead of the Atelier Ryza collab that we're expecting to come to Global in 2 weeks, we get Madoka instead! For now, we will have to wait for any official information from the Global publishing team, but it's quite possible the collab could hit all servers at the same time.

Also, all the previous collabs feature at least 3 characters (1 free, 2 obtainable from banners), and so far, only Madoka Kaname has been revealed as the collab character - you can check her design on the post's cover image. The second character present there is Erika, who should be released next week in Global. Who will be the other two collab characters? We will have to wait to find out.

Who would you like to see become available in the collab? Answer in the comments!