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Lost Daybreak and Lewisia coming soon!

Published 05 August 2022

The Lost Daybreak event that introduces Lewisia will be released next week on the Global server!

The first of three events that will be released in August on the Global server is near! Lost Daybreak will be released after the next maintenance on the 9th of August.

New character - Lewisia

Lost Daybreak event introduces Lewisia, a very strong support/healer that can revive allies. Yes, you read it right, revive! She will be a nightmare to deal with in PVP because if you don't focus her first, whoever you managed to kill, she will bring back.

Here are her skills:

S1 - Healing Magic

Deal 106% damage to a single enemy target. Heal an ally with the lowest amount of health for 7% of their maximum health.

S2 - Purifying Magic (3 turns cooldown)

Purification magic damages all enemy targets for 84.8% damage, with a 60% chance of causing Blind for 2 rounds. Clear 2 Debuffs off all allies and restore 12% of their maximum health.

S3 - Protection Magic (6 turns cooldown)

1 fallen ally is selected and resurrected, restoring all of their health, and gains Invincible for 1 round. If there is no resurrectable ally, the selected ally will be Cleansed, have all of their health restored, and gains Invincible for 1 round.

To check her skill upgrades, imprints, and other information, go to her profile.

Should you pull on her banner?

While Lewisia will be a menace on Arena defense, be aware that Jessie is just around the corner and the Blue Knight is meta-changing as cleave speed teams will slowly start to fall off with her release.

Furthermore, if Global will continue to follow the TW schedule, then the Frame Arms Girl collab could be released in late September or early October. The collab units are not only limited but also very strong, so start saving for them!

Lost Daybreak event

The event comes with a set of missions and a shop that gives a lot of great stuff - so make sure to clear it fully before you return to killing Centaur!