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Lobelia joining Global soon!

Published 05 September 2022

Lobelia will join the Global server soon! Learn more about her in this post.

New character - Lobelia

Lobelia will be released tomorrow (06.09.2022) after the maintenance.

We already added her to the tier list, and we can proudly say she's the first SSS tier character there!


Lobelia is a PVE beast. She provides some of the best debuffs packed into one skill and she will be a staple of your teams moving forward.

In PVP, what makes this skill great is it ignores the effectiveness stat AND applies it before attacking, so if there's any character that will counterattack (like Della or Benny) then they have a chance to miss and lowered damage. On the other side of her kit is crazy good action bar manipulation. This will make her a really strong unit for red and blue raids to keep the boss from attacking.

Here is Lobelia's skill set:

S1 - Giga Jet Cannon

Inflicts 106% damage to a single enemy target, and advances own action bar by 10%; when the target has a debuff, the damage is increased by 30%, and the effect of the action bar is doubled.

S2 - Ascalon's Light - 4 turns cooldown

Inflict 106% damage to all enemy targets, prolong debuff's attached to the target for 1 round, and repel the targets action bar by 30%. For every debuff on the target, repel an additional 10% of the target's action bar.

S3 - Sacred Chant - 5 turns cooldown

Ignores the hit status and gives all targets Slow, Blind, and Attack Down for 2 rounds. After that, cause 116.6% damage to the targets.

If you want to check the skills in the colored version and her ratings, here's a link to her profile.

Should you pull her?

Normally, I would say she is a must-have, but with the Madoka collab around the corner, our suggestion is to skip her if you're low on resources.

Madoka collab comes with two top-tier characters that we consider must-have, but compared to Lobelia, they are limited and you won't get them until the collab has a rerun. So to get both Madoka and Homura, in the worst-case scenario you will need 180 pulls ready - to pity both of them.