Giveaway has started! Win Prime Membership Monthly Passes!

Published 04 September 2022

The promised giveaway is here! Check the post for details.

As we promised a few weeks ago on our Discord, we just launched our first giveaway for Artery Gear: Fusion!

Giveaway Details

  • Reward: Prime Membership Monthly Pass ($4.99 USD value)

  • Number of winners: 10

  • Region: only Global

To receive the reward, you need to have a PayPal account - I will send the 5$ to you, so you can buy the pack yourself.

To join the giveaway, simply head to the Prydwen Discord - - and navigate to the #events-and-contests channel. There read the rules before entering the giveaway.

The giveaways will last for 9 days until the 12th of September and the winners will be selected randomly (using a discord bot).

Good luck!