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Full patch notes for this week - Knud is here too!

Published 05 September 2022

On top of Lobelia who we introduced in the previous blog post, Knud will also be released at the same time.

05/09 Patch notes

  • 【New event】Desert Wonder

  • 【New event】Ghost Light

  • 【New Character】King of Ruina – Knud

  • 【New Character】Celestite – Lobelia

  • 【New Chapter】Chapter IX [Fantasy Dream]

  • 【New Exclusive Armament】Teufel - General, Quinn - Arsenal

  • 【New Package】Early Autumn series, Mid Autumn series

  • 【New Outfit】Sylvia —Modern Aristocrat (Union Order only),[Hearin-Beach Wolf],[Maika-Nap Time with the Blade],[Chitose-Stepping the Wave],[Nemophila-Melt into Azure],[Tony-Sailor Brute]

    • this is a mistake in the patch notes - instead of Sylvia, it will be Chihaya skin.

  • 【New Activity】Chapter IX Login Event, Time-limited Free Recruitment, Time-limited AG exchange

New events

Seems that instead of overlapping events, now we have two events running at the same time. Hope you have enough stamina saved up to clear both shops.

New character - Knud


Compared to Benny, Knud is more of an offensive-type counterattack phisher. She's also a double-edged sword in that when she's crit, she is guaranteed to counterattack. This is great in PVE, but in PVP it can be rough to work around. Even with the defense buff from her S3, some characters can shred right through it. Still, if she lives, she'll do crazy damage as the base damage from the counterattack is high, plus the missing health scaling.

Here is her skill set:

S1 - Easy and Luxuriant

Deal 106% damage to a single enemy target, with a 50% chance of causing Provoke, which lasts 1 round.

S2 - Rule By Power - Passive

Counterattack rate is increased by 30%. When you receive a Critical Strike, you have a 100% chance to counterattack; when you counterattack, use [Rule By Power] to counterattack. Rule By Power: Inflict 129.3% damage on a single enemy target, and for every 1% of your own health lost, the damage is increased by 0.3%; when you counterattack from receiving a Critical Strike, this skill will be a guaranteed Critical Strike

S3 - The Scarlet Queen - 5 turns cooldown

Deal 100.7% damage to all enemy targets. Gain Attack Buff and Defense Buff, which lasts 2 rounds.

If you want to check the skills in the colored version and her ratings, here's a link to her profile.

Should you pull her?

No. She is a skip.

Wait for Madoka collab.

New character - Lobelia

We already released a blog post for her. Go check it out here.

New UE - Quinn and Teufel

We've updated their profiles to show their ratings with the UE unlocked instead.