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Fiery Desert event and Jessie are here!

Published 16 August 2022

The Fiery Desert event that introduces Jesssie just started on the Global server!

The second of three events that will be released in August on the Global server is here!

New character - Jessie

Fiery Deserty event introduces Jessie, a meta-changing blue tank! She will slowly start the transition of the early speed cleave meta toward more bruiser-focused teams that can survive the initial onslaught and then kill the enemy team.

Here are her skills:

S1 - Thunder Halberd

Slashes the enemy, dealing 74.2% attack + 9% of own maximum health, to a single enemy target. There is a 50% chance of causing Provoke for 1 round.

S2 - Shield Slam - (4 turns cooldown)

Uses her shield to knock down the enemy, and causes a single enemy target to be stiff in the face, dealing 84.8% attack + 13.8% of own maximum health, as damage. Gain Safeguard, which will take effect against all single target attacks from enemies for 1 round. Grant all allies Defense Buff for 2 rounds.

S3 - White Rabbit! - (6 turns cooldown)

Summons her white rabbit wingmen to attack together, dealing 53% attack + 15.9% of own maximum health, as damage. Penetrates100% of the target's defense, but cannot trigger a Critical Strike; grants all allies a Barrier. The amount is equal to 12% of their maximum health. When your health is less than half, increase the damage bonus from 15.9% of own maximum health to 50.9%, and the effect is changed to, grant herself a Barrier. The amount is equivalent to 20% of own maximum health. The Barrier lasts for 2 rounds.

To check her skill upgrades, imprints, and other information, go to her profile.

Should you pull on her banner?

Jessie will be a common enemy you will face on Arena defense moving forward and she will make herself feel at home there for a very long time. In CN, she was dethroned after Madoka Collab was released as Madoka brought enough firepower to make speed cleave work again - still, there it gave her nearly a year of usage.

For PVE content, she isn't really needed as she mainly shines in PVP.

Furthermore, if Global continues to follow the TW schedule, then the Frame Arms Girl collab could be released in late September or early October. The collab units are not only limited but also very strong, so start saving for them!

Fiery Desert event

The event comes with a set of missions and a round system similar to the one during Ryza Collab. It gives a lot of great stuff - so make sure to clear all 4 rounds before you return to killing Centaur!