Community update - official Discord released!

Published 24 July 2022

We have created our own Discord where you can hang out with us and get first-hand info about everything that's happening in Artery Gear and inside Prydwen.

For the last few weeks, we have been working hard on improving our website, and while the process is still ongoing - more details will be revealed soon - we're ready to release our own Discord server now!

So far our teams working on Counter Side and Artery Gear websites used a private Discord to coordinate our work. Still, we see the benefits of having a place where not only we can talk freely with each other, but also can easily gather suggestions, bug reports, and instant feedback from the community. Hence why we have decided to open it to the public.

Still, Prydwen Institute related stuff isn't the only thing that's there.

We've also created channels for the games that we support and those that we plan to support soon, and there we will post news and information before they are ready to be released on the website. As we need to create images and edit the guides and reviews properly before they can be shown publicly and the process sometimes takes days - so Discord will grant you early access to our information.

So, if you want to join and hang out with the team, here is the invite link:

Prydwen Institute Discord