CN Region

CN Patch Notes - 21.06.2022

Published 20 June 2022

This is the first blog post in a new series that will explore new features that are being added to the original region, so you will know what awaits us in the future.

Patch Notes highlights

  • Midway Prepare - Accumulate points to exchange for items.

  • Addition of Reforging. A 3rd tab in the Science Vessel.

  • 3 new permanent gift packs.

  • New materials for Reforging - Reforge Machine Core and Hard Mold Machine Core. Can be acquired from Exchanges.

  • Special Info Tablets can be acquired from Exchanges.

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  • 5* Michelle - June 28th, 2022 to July 12, 2022

New feature - Reforging

Reforging allows 6* gear substats to be randomly rerolled.

This function will not change its sub, sub count, or rarity. You can lock up to 3 substats before "Reforging" and the locked substats will not be randomized. "Reforging" uses Gold, "Reforge [Machine] Cores" and "Hard Mold [Machine] Cores" (the number of mats consumed will depend on the number of locked substats).

For every "reforge" that's done, the "Reforging Value" is increased by 2%, and every "Hard Mold [Machine] Core" used also increases the "Reforging Value" by 2%. When the "Reforging Value" is 100% or greater, the next "reforge" will not consume materials. When you "reforge" at 100% or greater, you can select a sub value and it will be increased guaranteed.