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August roadmap for Global reveal!

Published 24 July 2022

The August roadmap is here! Check inside what's coming next month so you can prepare better.

First of all, we would like to thank bilibili for giving us early access to the roadmap so we could analyze it and then share it with our community!

Events coming in August

List of events that will be released this month and characters that come with them.

Lost Daybreak

The first event released in August will introduce Lewisia as the banner character and Darkdeep will be available for free from the event shop.

While Darkeep is an underwhelming character, Lewisia is a monster in PVP who can resurrect fallen allies. Check their full reviews and ratings on their profile pages (linked above with their names).

Passionate Wilderness

The second event, Passionate Wilderness, will introduce Jessie. She's a top-tier tank that was a meta unit for nearly a year since her release and only recently did she fall out of grace after Madoka collab release. Still, in the Global server, she will be meta in PVP for a very long time.

This is a smaller story event that doesn't have a freebie character and acts as an interlude between full-blown events.

Run! Pavonis!

The third and last event to be released in August will introduce Pavonis, a fire-wielding mage that will synergize really well with characters that inflict Burn status like Suriel.

While this is a bigger event, there's no welfare character, but you can instead obtain a 4* BonBon.


Two new skins will be released this month.

This is a free skin for the welfare character, Darkdeep.

Another free skin, this time for Nina.

There can be some paid skins released too, but we have no information about them yet.

Other updates

Here's a list of other features or updates to be released in August:

  • Equipment Reforging - we talked about it our another blog post, but basically, this feature allows you to reroll the values of the stats on your items,

  • Cat Ball Hegemony - a mode where you have to build mono-element teams and progress through a tower while fighting against stronger and stronger enemies the higher you go. Rotates every day between Red, Blue, and Green. Limited to 3 attempts per day.

  • Alliance Expertise Season 2 - a new season of the boss killing mode for guilds will launch,

  • Arena Event - compete against others in the Arena and win great prizes,

  • Dark Zone (Layer 5) - new Dark Zone boss will be added to the game,

  • Sylvia and Shinobu will receive their Unique Equipment.


There will be a few contests and also a questionnaire run this month where you will be able to win some pretty great prizes, including figurines! So be sure to follow the official social media for the game to not miss them:

That's all for this month. Hope the information provided in this roadmap will allow you to plan ahead and keep enjoying the game!