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Atelier Ryza Collab guides

Published 06 July 2022

If nothing changes, soon Atelier Ryza collab will launch on the Global server. That's why we have added six guides to make it easier for you to survive it!

You can find the guides on our Guides page - just scroll a bit till you reach this section:

  • Overview - a simple introduction to the collab and what characters are available there.

  • Event Part 1 & Event Part 2 guides helps you understand how the event works and what kind of missions await you there,

    • The first part will be available immediately at the start of the collab while the second part will unlock one week from the start of the collab.

  • Alchemy pot and expedition guide helps you navigate the event shop that becomes available in the second week,

  • The Banners guide reviews the characters available in the collab and what kind of rewards you can get for pulling on their banners,

  • The Tips and tricks guide is a summary of the event that explains the best ways to approach it.

Good luck!