ArteryGear.Info website released!

Published 20 May 2022

As part of our preparations for the upcoming Global server Open Beta Launch, we've decided to release our website early.

We're still working hard and adding all the characters to the database and writing guides that will help you start strong into the Global Launch of the game.

So, what's already there?

  • All 5-star characters that will be available on Global

  • Some 4-star and 3-star characters that will be available on Global

  • Tier list, which should be considered work in progress

  • Blog section

What will be added soon?

  • All the missing characters that you will be able to obtain on Global

  • TONS of guides, including reroll strategies, beginner and gearing guides, a Day 1 survival guide, and many more!

Please do not hesitate to contact our team members for any questions or feedback via Discord.  

  • Antillar#7066

  • TimaeuSS#0425

  • InfraredShadow#8960

  • Volgardi#4150

  • yuukii#2235