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22/06 Global update - Sirius banner and skin

Published 23 June 2022

As we guessed, the new elite banner's featured character will be Sirius!

Here's the official info:

Top star for the [Dolls Army], the outstanding figure among the AGs.

Sirius, the [Sapphire] is here in all her glory!

The time-limited Sirius rate-up recruitment pool is now available. Opening from 21:00 Jun.22 to 20:59 Jul.01 (UTC+0). Please don't miss out, commander!

Sirius is one of the best characters in the game - even now in CN - and alongside Alice, she is the main target for rerolls, and now with her banner being added, it should be even easier to reroll for her if she still avoided you till now!

Read her review here.

Also, Sirius skin has been added to the in-game shop:

The skin's price is 98 Skin Tokens.